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Ancillary Revenue is part of your Hotel Identity

Ancillary Revenue is part of your Hotel Identity
The real Issue of Hotel management is to recognize their identity and this could have a huge impact on their Revenue success.
The idea that Hotels are just Rooms sellers is wrong.
On my own experience in Hotel, I have learned to recognize 2 kinds of customers: 
  • Those looking for lodging.
  • Those looking for comfort.

If you are an Hotel it means you are not a Motel,  a Bed&Breakfast,  private house and so on. Therefore Your guests are looking for comfort not for lodging . Their inner desire is to worry less, and to trust in someonelse, like little children looking for motherly care or aged and disable looking for a trustfully helper.
If you feel treated like a caretaker, don’t wonder and take the best from this opportunity to booster your revenue.
“Ancillary Revenue” is the ability to sell goods or services others than primary product offering.

Why should you lose the chance to earn more money  by selling directly?

“Car rental services”, “theater tickets, flying and train tickets”, “souvenirs”, “local beverages” (“coffee”, “tea”, “limoncello”, “Wine”), “fashion ties”, “shirts”, “children toys”  on could be sold in YOUR Hotel. Much depend on YOU and YOUR location and YOUR IDENTITY.
The only way to know exactly what could be practical to sell in YOUR Hotel, for the comfort of YOUR guests is to take note of what they  have bought outside your hotel . 

Have you ever thought to use Estimote Beacons?

When they ask you where to get something , notice the frequency of the request and analyze the reason why they prefer to buy it outside, than be their direct seller their personal  "local broker”.
May your identity not just relate on selling rooms. 

Be a good observer, be a good seller.

Photo source: Capa Center of Aviation

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